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Don't just take our word for it!
Go ahead and check out what our customers are saying:
Don't just take our word for it! Go ahead and check out what our customers are saying:
During the Q&A sessions, we had a chance to communicate with the invited speakers from academia and industry. Also, I would like to say it was a very pleasant journey to exchange ideas with the other nutritionists that participated in this program.
Dr. Fan Liu
Rivalea Australia
Thank you very much for putting together such a great course with great resources! I have gained a lot from this course (and am still processing the info') - it was an eye-opener in many ways, and I am so happy that I took it.
Peris Munyaka
University of Alberta
Even though I had training in swine nutrition, I decided to take the course for a few reasons. I wanted a refresher on the basics of swine nutrition, which was well covered in the first few modules. I also knew that Marcio had a lot of experience.
Dr. Henrique Cemin
Hubbard Feeds
Thank you for all the passion and knowledge you have shared. Thanks to all the community for the very interesting and instructive exchanges. Q&A sessions were simply awesome. Well done!
David Sanchez
Kemin Animal Nutrition
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Dr. Trey Kellner
Dr. Jessica Seate
Dr. Trey Kellner
Dr. Márcio Gonçalves
Dr. Rebecca Robbins


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We are the largest network of podcasts on agriculture in the world.

Our multinational team has one goal, to bring the resources we’ve built to 500,000 agriculture industry professionals by the end of 2023. After years of work, we’ve now introduced over 275,000 people to ways to help improve their farms, optimize their diet formulations, and raise healthier animals. That’s an impact of over 210 million heads of livestock per year! Not too shabby for a bunch of enthusiasts. We launched our first podcast way back in 2012, covering the intricacies of the Brazilian swine industry. Since then, we’ve expanded to three new languages and multiple new segments such as poultry, dairy, beef, aquaculture, feed milling and counting.

Frequently asked questions

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You can pay with a credit card.
Stripe is our payment processor and it is 100% safe.

I have no experience, can I sign up?


You can have 4 months of undergrad work or 40 years working in the industry.
The courses are set up to make you better.

First, we build a foundation, and then we go deeper, but the language and knowledge are always easy and accessible... applied swine nutrition, for example, is NOT rocket science. As Einstein said, “If you can't explain it to a 6-year-old, you don't understand it yourself”.

Non-nutritionists - veterinarians, producers, account managers, technical service, and graduate students that want to sharpen their skills as well at any level of experience will benefit.

How will questions be handled?


Each course or lesson has a comment section where you can add your questions and we will give you direct feedback. Finally, our live Q&A’s act as a last line of defense for any questions you may have. You can also suggest new topics to Q&A sections.

How does the membership work?


Thus, our membership has an initial 12-month agreement and then, is month-to-month. However, you can cancel anytime within the first 7 days of access if you are not satisfied (we have had zero refunds so far!), or after the initial 12-month period.

I already have experience, can I sign up?


Yes, for sure. The courses and modules will provide you with additional tools and resources to add to the tremendous knowledge you already possess. 

Are there any additional costs for the membership?


No. The courses provides everything you need with the exception of the SAS software, which we provide some bonus example codes and is a paid software but not required to complete the programs.